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C S Chatterjee, President, Polychem Resins International Ind. LLC "The Free Economy Policy of the UAE Government is Encouraging Composites Industry in the Gulf Region"

Polychem Resins has a state-of-art Resin manufacturing plant located within Jebel Ali Industrial Area, Dubai UAE. The plant has innovative PLC-controlled multipurpose resin reactors with automated raw material handling. Presently, Polychem utilizes its plant capacity for manufacturing Alkyds and Unsaturated Polyester Resins. Polychem’s Unsaturated Polyester Resin is manufactured under technology license from LONZA SpA of Italy.

The manufacturing processes for Alkyd and Unsaturated Polyester Resin use innovative techniques to control the uniform molecular weight distribution. Apart from raw material dosing, the process parameters are precisely controlled by State-of-Art computer-controlled equipments enabling consistent production of high quality product with uniform physical and chemical properties within close tolerance. Intricate design and computer-controlled operation ensures consistent product quality in every batch.

In an exclusive interview C S Chatterjee, President, Polychem Resins International Ind. LLC, Dubai, U.A.E,shares his experience with Editor, Lucintel, K. Venkateshwar. Rao.Excerpts:

1. What are the key drivers for composites consumption in United Arab Emirates?

C S Chatterjee: The UAE and in general the Gulf Region, has major use of Composites in Pipes for Sewerage and Water Supply which constitutes approximately 50-60 % of the Composite Manufactured.

2. What are some of the key challenges faced by your company in the composites market?

C S Chatterjee: To Provide Quality Product, on time and every time, in a fiercely competitive market.

3. Tell us about the impact of government policies on composites industry?

C S Chatterjee: The UAE Government believes in free economy, and therefore there are no tariffs or non tariff barriers to economic trade. This along with “No Corporate Tax or Income Tax Policy has enabled the “Who’s is Who” of the industry to be present here therefore Raw material Availability is in Plenty.

4. Key challenges faced by composite end-users in UAE?

C S Chatterjee: To my mind, except for the Pipe Mfg Industry, the Other sectors of the Composite Market, needs better and latest manufacturing technologies to enable better productivity and finish, leading to better economics of scale and chances of Mass Production for Exports.

5.Government support and policies change that is required to encourage exports of composite components?

C S Chatterjee: With No Tax, Excellent Infrastructure, Free movements of Funds and “zero Red Tape”, the Government has fulfilled more than its share of incentives, what is required is better Promotion of Composites by the Market leaders, by way of Trade Shows and Conferences in the region. Lets us not forget that the region is a Hub for Petrochemical Products, sitting on the largest deposits of Crude Oil, with the most economical Extraction Cost in the world!

6.Emerging applications that you foresee to have a significant bearing on the composites consumption?

C S Chatterjee: Pultrusion, for Grating, Angles, and other structural Products for Refineries etc, replacing Steel, as Composites will have better life cycle costs. Mass Manufacturing of Marine Products, using Vacuum Infusion, for Luxury Yachts, Boats, Water Sports vehicles etc, and finally SMC/BMC for Auto components for services in the sub-continent, as well as the western world as the Mfg Costs for Mass production would be very attractive. The region boasts of Large Thermoplastic Resin Manufacturers.

With abundant supply, at competitive rates, of millions of tons of Thermoplastic Resins ( SABIC, QATAR, BOREILIS, ABU DHABI etc ) and Thermosetting Resins (Presently manufacturing around 1,80,000 tons ) downstream products could be quite attractive.

7. How has global slowdown affected the market? How has been your organization’s growth in the last 2-3 years and how do your foresee the growth forward?

C S Chatterjee: From the second quarter of 2009, in line with the world economy there has been a relative slowdown, however fortunately for us, due to the patronage and faith of our customers, we are still producing at 100% capacity as we have been for the last 2-3 years, which is the result & testimony, to the unyielding efforts by our team to serve our customers in the region.

8. Do you see high-potential for composites in the market? If yes, what are some of reasons for the same?

C S Chatterjee: The projected growth rates in composites market as envisaged for Asia, would make Asian consumption of composites to around 40% of the world consumption. Valued at over 18 Billion Euros and may reach 50 % by 2013. China already is today the Largest Mfg of Glass Fibre in the World, and ranks second in terms of Composite manufacturing. This would mean, more or less India and the other developing nations in the region, would follow suit, and that would create a huge opportunity for the Players in the Industry. I firmly believe the best of times for composite Industry in the region is yet to come, and the focus would slowly shift from the West to the Asian region.

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